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Apr 2021

April 22, 2021

April 23, 2021

Biden set to double capital gains tax rate from 20% to about 40% for fat cats over $400,000 per person!

Move would go far to prevent finance oligarchs from scoring speculative windfalls that distort US economy and politics; Capital gains need to be taxed more than wage labor;

World Climate Conference placates Malthusian Dems, confirms Biden’s progress in resuming leadership of Free World; Merkel of Germany, doyenne of leaders, welcomes US back to world role after Trump nightmare; US pledges to cut carbon emissions by 50% over this decade; Result cannot be achieved with windmills or solar panels, but only with modern nuclear reactors; 600,000 charging stations loom large; After earlier lip service to nuclear, Kerry disappoints with talk of unworkable solar cells and windmills; Rational forces must demand Congress deliver most modern and economical energy;

Xi sets new record for hypocrisy and deception, saying China will escalate carbon through almost 2030, and only then start reducing emissions for three decades!! Posturing about harmony of man and nature in the Green Belt and Road, Xi hopes to dupe world; On positive side, Modi of India lauds India-US Climate and Clean Energy Partnership for 2030; India needs anti-pandemic assistance now!