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Apr 2021

April 19, 2021

April 20, 2021
Biden Promises To End Homelessness On American Streets.
$1.9 trillion Emergency Rescue Act ALREADY CONTAINS the $5 billion to fight homelessness. Ultimate goal will be to get all 580,000 victims off the streets beginning with 130,000 in the next 18 months.
Democrats must move aggressively to solve this problem before GOP can demagogue a Giuliani-style backlash in cities!
Powell personally confronted by large tent city near Federal Reserve in Washington, D.C. has a come to Jesus moment.  Fed should step in with massive 0% lending to finance even more units of low-cost housing infrastructure. 
Biden will address Congress on April 28, the birthday of President James Monroe, who showed how to deal with the Federalists as a moribund political party, enabling the Era of Good Feelings. 
US demands that Kremlin preserve life of political prisoner Navalny.