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Apr 2021

April 1, 2021

April 2, 2021

Popular Reaction to $2.2 Trillion Infrastructure and Recover Bill is Generally Favorable, but Corporate Media Like the Washington Post Go Negative, Headlining that the Initiative “Draws Opposition”! 

Wall Street Minions at New York Times Imagine “Finding Common Ground” is Task of White House; But American People Need Measure Passed, and Do Not Care about Technicalities of GOP’s Parliamentary Cretinism; Likely Solution is Budget Reconciliation to Bypass Saboteurs; 

Globalization Started under Reagan with Enormous Redistribution of Wealth from Workers and Middle Class to Parasitical Finance Oligarchs which has Continued Since; Biden’s Hundred Days Have Already Begun Turning that Looting Process Around;

Not Having Any Convincing Arguments against Biden’s Landmark Recovery Bill, GOP Demagogues Fall Back on Typical Trite Republican Canard that Not Everything in Bill Meets their Moronic-Nominalist Definition of Infrastructure; GOP Does Not Know Latin and Have Never Heard of an Omnibus Bill?; Current Tactic Reveals that Republicans are True Heirs of the Southern Confederacy, whose 1861 “Constitution” Banned Omnibus Legislation, Prescribing that Every Bill “Shall Relate to but One Subject, and that Shall Be Expressed in the Title” (Article 1, Section 9.20); Missouri Slaveholder Sen. Thomas Hart Condemned Omnibus Laws as “An Unmanageable Mass of Incongruous Bills, each an Impediment to the Other.”

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