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Oct 2020

October 24, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

October 24, 2020

Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin at the Crossroads of World History as Struggle Enters Final Ten Days; Time to Vote Trump Out for the Sake of the Nation and of Humanity!

Are You Better Off Now? Manufacturing Jobs in These Three States Plus Ohio, North Carolina, and Minnesota Have Been Reduced by Over 188,000 under Trump After Increasing by over 126,000 in Obama’s Second Term; Three Quarters of Americans Want Another Package of Economic Stimulus and Pandemic Relief Now, But 20 Senate GOP Ultra-Reactionaries Are Blocking Needed Action; Two Thirds Welcome Biden’s Plan to Reach 97% Coverage with a Public Option as Employer-Based Insurance Becomes Scarcer; Trump’s Super-Spreader Rallies Are the New Trail of Tears: Friends Don’t Let Friends Attend!

With 84,000 New Infections Reported on Friday, US Rounds the Turn to All-Time Daily Record for Highest Number of Covid Cases During Current Pandemic; Europe on Path into Grim Winter; President of Poland Tests Positive; Italy, Spain, UK, and France Eye More Restrictions;

Moscow Mitch Breaks Senate Rules, Pushes Toward Confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett on Monday; No More Fascist Judges!

Trump Gang Laying Groundwork for Political Purge of Federal Civil Service If He Wins Second Term; As Defeat Looms, Feuds Break Out in Trump Camp: “De Facto Chief of Staff” Lou Dobbs Calls for Defeat of Lindsey Graham for Not Using His Committee to Slander Biden; Wray and Barr Are Still Targets of Don’s Wrath!

Note on Method: Reactionary Austrian Economic Theory Claims that a Depression Cannot Be Fought and Stopped by Timely Government Measures, But Must Rather Be Allowed to Rage to Its Full Fury, Maximizing Unemployment, Until It “Burns Itself Out”; Compare this to the Malthusian-Genocidal “Herd Immunity,” Now Dominant in the White House Court of Miracles: The Word Once Again is Don’t Try to Crush or Defeat the Virus, but do the Minimum, Don’t Test, Let Covid Wash Over Society, Maximizing Infections Especially Among the Young, Until the Pandemic Has Burned Itself Out; The Class Basis of These Dangerous Theories Is the Same!