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Oct 2020

October 22, 2020

October 23, 2020

Biden and Trump Meet for Final Debate; Meeting May Mark Trump’s Swan Song; Falling Short of Their Pre-Debate Hype, Trump Surrogates Fail Again to Deliver the Hunter Biden Scandal Material They Have Been Touting; Trump’s Guest and Star Witness Tonight is Disgruntled China Trade Veteran Bobulinsky, Who Claims to Have Been a Business Associate of Hunter;

Result: So Far, Virtually No Exhibits or Documents Regarding the Alleged Corruption or Turpitude of the Bidens Are Available in the Public Domain; So Where’s the Beef?;

Trump’s Rage and Bluster Suggest Increasing Nervous Tension in Light of Pessimistic Polls; White House Handlers Fear Don May Show Up in Guise of Yosemite Sam

Biden Should Ignore the Fascist Clown Show and Hammer Mass Traction Economic Issues: Trump GOP Wants to Destroy Entire Obamacare-Affordable Care Act, with Devastating Consequences for 190 Million Americans; Trump’s Attack on Social Security Payroll Tax Would Bankrupt Pensions and Medicare During Next Presidential Term; Trump’s Refusal to Support an Anti-Pandemic Mobilization Has Caused Tens of Thousands of Needless Deaths; 80% of Trump’s December 2017 Tax Scam Has Gone to Plutocrats and Predatory Corporations, Not Working Families; $15 National Minimum Wage is Long Overdue; Moscow Mitch is Still Blocking Pelosi’s $3.2  Trillion HEROES Act, Needed to Support State Governments and Public Health Measures