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Oct 2020

October 21, 2020

October 22, 2020

On Fox, Dana Perino Repeats Warning to Campaign Spokesman Murtaugh that Trump In Any Case Cannot Hope to Build Election Momentum Based on Totally Unsubstantiated Allegations Against Hunter Biden; But Trump Keeps Trying Anyway; 

A Distant Mirror: The Attempted Coup d’État of the Bankrupt Aristocrat Lucius Sergius Catiline in 63 BC; He Gathered a Base of Impoverished Veterans and Debt-Ridden Adventurers to Demolish the Roman Republic; The Plot Included A Camp for Armed Militia North of Rome; Catiline Was Defeated by the Orator Cicero Using Public Denunciation of the Plotters’ Activities and Strategy;

Breaking: Another Bungled October Surprise?: Trump’s DNI Stooge Ratcliffe Hypes Wave of Crude Threatening Emails Received by Democratic Voters in Pennsylvania, Florida and Other States; Ratcliffe Attributes Op Mainly to Iran, and Tries to Spin Emails as Anti-Trump Ploy; But FBI Director Wray Remains Aloof; 

Within Hours, Reports Surface Trump is Enraged at Wray’s Failure to Deliver Frameups against His Political Foes; Don Wants to Install a Total Toady as Replacement;