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Oct 2020

October 19, 2020

October 20, 2020

Clumsy Pro-Trump October Surprise Ploy via New York Post Slanders Falling Flat; NY Times Reports Fox News Refused to Serve as Vehicle for Unproven Stories About Mystery Laptop; NY Post Reporter Who Finally Wrote Story Allegedly Refused to Let His Name Be Used in Byline; Leading True Believer Is Notorious Stooge Ratcliffe of ONI;

Mark Thiessen of Fox News Warns Trump Camp That Hunter Biden’s Escapades Will Not Be Winning Issue in This Crisis; He Suggests that Trump’s Last Hope Might Be 14% of 2016 GOP Voters Who Imagine They Are Better Off Economically, But Don’t Like Trump’s Scurrilous Hooliganism: If Trump Could Clean Up His Act, He Might Get Them Back; But Mystery Laptop Caper and Torrent of Vile Abuse Negate This Approach;

Reactionary Sen. Ron Johnson Floats another Innuendo against Hunter Biden; He Should Be Censured Like Joe McCarthy and Expelled from Senate; 

Judge Stops Trump Plan for Cutting Food Stamps for 700,000 Families; Trump May Turn Out to Be First President with Negative Net Job Creation since Herbert Hoover; 

Good Viewing for Pre-Election Season: Political and Cultural Lessons of the Tragedy of European Fascism, and a Very Timely Warning for US Today;

“Let Them Eat Scotus”: Moscow Mitch Condemned by Bishop William Barber for His Septic Cynicism and Lust for Power as Poverty Spreads; Yahoo News-New Gov. Poll Registers 11 Point Lead for Biden, 51-40; UpShot Gives Biden 4% Lead in Florida; Your Right to Vote: Use It or Lose It!