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Oct 2020

October 17, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

October 17, 2020

Twilight of Trump: Don Was Warned by US Intelligence and NSC Director that Scandal Materials Against Hunter Biden Dished Up by Bannon and Giuliani Were Likely Russian Intelligence Fabrications; 

First Time as Tragedy, Second Time as Farce: Crude Attempt by Trump Gang to Repeat the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal of 2016 Is Failing to Gain Traction, NY Post Exposé Going Over Like Lead Balloon; Scant Interest for Umpteenth Warmed-Over Ukrainian Scandal as October Surprise;

Another 900,000 First-Time Jobless Claims; Widespread Immiseration Looms for Holiday Season, as Moscow Mitch’s Sabotage of Pandemic Relief Bills Continues; Joni Ernst of Iowa Still Does Not Know the Price of Corn and Soy Beans!

Nightmare Winter of 2020-2021 Now Clearly Visible; Center of Contagion Shifts to Europe; France Hits 32,000 New Cases in One Day; Virus Making Comeback in Italy; Field Hospital Goes Up in Prague, Czech Republic; US Experiences Biggest Flare-Up Since August; Trump Still Catatonic; 

Absolute Majority for New Zealand’s Labour Party PM Ardern Running on Platform of Compassion and Successful Measures Against Pandemic is Bad Omen for Trump, Who Utterly Lacks These Capabilities Much in Demand Among Voters Everywhere;

Nausea: Low Ratings for Trump’s Town Hall on NBC-CNBC-MSNBC Compared to Biden’s ABC Appearance Point To Widespread Boredom and Disgust For Don’s Macabre and Mendacious Road Show Among Beleaguered Voters Who Need Effective Help, Not His Whining and Self-Pity; With His Treatment Cocktail Costing About $140,000, Don’s Promise to Deliver It For Free to Those in Need is the Hollowest Demagogy Yet; Trump Talks of Fleeing Abroad, But Most Americans Cannot Not Afford the Trip; Biden on Trump: He Has Gone Around the Bend, Is Living in a Dream World; 

In Kyrgyzstan, Embattled President Jeenbekov, Driven into Hiding on Charges of Cold Coup by Rigging the Latest Election, Has Announced His Resignation, Citing Danger of Civil Strife;

Breaking: Votes Cast So Far Number 22 Million in 45 States, But GOP’s Fascist War on Voting Continues; Republican Militias Eye Anti-Voter Violence Around November 3; Total Election Turnout Appears Headed for 160 Million; Votes Cast So Far by Registered Democrats Exceed Republicans by 18%; Moribund GOP Sees Handwriting on the Wall!