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Oct 2020

October 14, 2020

October 15, 2020

Judge Barrett Discredits Herself with Fantastic Claim She Did Not Know About Trump’s Pledge to Destroy Obamacare/Affordable Care Act; She Also Failed to Mention Her Signature on Strident Anti-Roe Petition in Original Questionnaire She Submitted to the Senate; Many of Her Answers Suggest She Will Function as Handmaid for Trump’s Expected Coup d’État; Moscow Mitch Might Attempt to Pass a Placebo Covid Relief Bill with Minimal Benefits to Relieve Political Pressure on His Beleaguered Members as Collapse of the GOP Senate Majority Looms;

Making a Mockery of Trump’s Claims of Diplomatic Prowess with North Korea, Pyongyang Regime Displays New Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile and a New Liquid-Fueled Heavy ICBM that Can Hit US; This Country Urgently Needs Strategic Defense Based on Lasers; After Taiwan’s Ten Ten Day Celebration, Beijing Aggressors Issue New Invasion Threats; US Must Restate Commitment to Free China;

Pelosi Confirms that Trump Regime Policy is the Genocidal “Herd Immunity” Insanity which Has Dramatically Failed in Britain, Sweden, and Elsewhere; Herd Immunity Spells Abject Capitulation to the Covid Virus, Abandoning All Expensive Countermeasures and Courting Millions of Additional Cases; Basic Fallacy Is that Post-Infection Antibodies Are Supposed to Confer Immunity; But Such Immunity May Be Non-Existent or Tragically Brief, Making All the Terrible Sacrifices Pointless; White House Economic Honcho Kudlow of Wall Street Endorses the Crackpot Great Barrington Declaration, Current Focus of Malthusian Irrationalism; Program Claims to Care for the Vulnerable, Especially the Elderly, but Dotard Trump Is Incapable of Protecting Himself; Trump’s Public Health Guru Dr. Scott Atlas Peddles Herd Immunity to Azar of HHS; 

Pelosi Correctly Counters: To Solve the Economic Crisis, the First Step is to CRUSH THE VIRUS!; Fifteen Million Voters Have Already Cast Ballots!