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Oct 2020

October 13, 2020

October 14, 2020

Disregarding Constitution and Laws, Barrett Refuses to Condemn Voter Intimidation, Opening Door to Armed Fascist Militias at Polling Places; She is Indifferent to Federal Statutory Ban on Voter Intimidation at 18 USC 594 Cited by Klobuchar; Barrett Cannot Say Whether President Has Power to Delay Presidential Election, a Timetable Which is Clearly Set by Constitution Itself; She Refuses to Endorse Peaceful Transfer of Power Between Administrations, and Will Not Commit to Recusing Herself in Cases Growing Out of Trump Machinations Around 2020 Election; Agnostic on Whether President Can Pardon Himself; Her Nomination Must Be Rejected!

Sen. Whitehouse Exposes Sinister Machinery which Has Produced Trump’s Judicial Nominees: the Federalist Society Has Been Decisive in Picking Judges, with Judicial Crisis Network Campaigning to Get Them Confirmed, with the Creation of Desired Case Opportunities and Orchestration of Phalanxes of Friend of the Court Briefs Telling Judges How to Vote in Key Cases; Goals of This Apparatus Include Allowing Unlimited Anonymous Dark Money in Campaigns; Marginalizing the Jury in Civil Cases; Weakening Regulation and Regulatory Agencies; and Relentlessly Eroding Voting Rights; Supremes Give Trump Permission to Halt Census At Once; Sotomayor Dissents, Citing Irreparable Harm Involved;

The Defeat of Trump and the Extinction of the Republican Party Loom Closer: Carville Argues That Democrats May Capture Georgia Legislature, Creating a Blue State on the Eve of Re-Apportionment; Cornyn in Trouble in Texas; Alaska Seen as Longshot Possibility for Dems; Veteran Operative Forecasts Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, and Ohio Results Will Be Known by 10:30 PM Eastern on Election Day, Eliminating Trump from Contention with No Chance to Game the Courts!