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Oct 2020

October 8, 2020

October 9, 2020

Pelosi and Jamie Raskin Set to Announce a New Commission of Medical and Other Experts Ready to Offer Opinions on When the President Is Unfit to Exercise Power; This Is the Body Foreshadowed in the XXV Amendment, But Not Implemented Until the Current Emergency; If Trump’s Sabotage of Stimulus Blows Out Financial Markets, GOP Support to Dump Trump Might Be Forthcoming; 

Deranged Trump Demands Barr Arrest Obama, Biden, and Hillary; He Attacks Harris as “Communist” and “Monster”; Department of Justice Is Making It Easier for Barr’s Minions to Use Arrests Around Election Day to Sabotage the Vote; Trump Threatens FBI Director Wray for Not Approving His Crackpot Russiagate Theories;

Trump Skedaddles From Second Debate with Biden Next Week, Claiming He Fears Having His Mike Muted; By Dodging Virtually All Questions While Maintaining His Stoic Demeanor, Pence Takes His Place As One of the Great Sanctimonious Hypocrites and Liars of World History; Kamala Harris Coins Lasting Phrase of This Debate in Reference to GOP Health Care Wreckers: “They Are Coming For You” If You Have Pre-Existing Conditions and Need Health Coverage;

State Attorney General Dana Nessel, 2 US Attorneys, State Police, and Local Police Arrest 13 Armed Extremist Fanatics in Michigan; One Group Planned to Arrest Governor Kathy Whitmer and Put Her on Trial for “Treason” Over Shutdown of Gymnasiums; Plotters Said to Have Photographed Governor’s Vacation Home and Bridges for Explosive Devices to Divert Police Away from Crime Scene; Provision Made to Open Fire on Officers Arriving on the Scene; Second Group Planned to Assassinate Police Officers In Their Homes; Life Sentences Possible For Several Would-Be Killers Under State’s Felony Firearm Law; Prime Mover Appears to Be the “Wolverine Watchmen,” Thought to Be a Faction of the Boogaloo Boys; Were These The Addressees of Trump’s Infamous “Liberate Michigan” Tweet, or Are They Poll Watchers in Training?