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Oct 2020

October 7, 2020

October 8, 2020

Last Days of Pompeii at Trump White House As Staffers Despair After Trump’s Latest Debacles; In Hours After Torpedoing Any Hope for Aid, Stimulus, or Pandemic Relief Before November 3 Election, Trump Goes Berserk with Twitter Frenzy in Demagogic Attempt to Muddy the Waters; His Contempt for His Gullible Supporters Is Boundless; No Chance for Protections Against Evictions, Foreclosures, and Utility Cutoffs under Current Regime; 

Concern Increases that Trump’s Manic and Hyperactive Behavior is Being Determined by Side Effects of Dexamethasone;

Trump Cratering in Polls, with Biden Ahead Almost Ten Points in National Averages; Lindsey Graham Reeling After Revealing GOP Plan to Cut Social Security Benefits to Maintain 2017 Tax Scam for Rich; South Carolina Slips into Toss-Up Category; McSally, Gardner, Perdue, Ernst, Collins, Daines, and Tillis All in Danger, Putting Senate Up for Grabs;

GOP Noise Machine Still Whining About How Trump Got Criticized After Public Overtures to Putin’s Russia and Recruiting of Pro-Kremlin Spooks into His Campaign; 

Pope Francis Issues Encyclical Letter “Fratelli Tutti,” Evidently Timed to Coincide with US Elections; Pontiff Launches Powerful But Veiled Warning Against Trumpism and Populism on World Stage; Text Criticizes “Myopic, Extremist, Resentful, and Aggressive Nationalism” with “New Forms of Selfishness and a Loss of the Social Sense Under The Guise of Defending National Interests”; In Realm of Religion, Pope Says Some Feel Encouraged to Support “Narrow and Violent Nationalism, Xenophobia, and Contempt”; He Adds that “Racism Is A Virus that Quickly Mutates and Instead of Disappearing, Goes Into Hiding, and Lurks in Waiting”; 

Breaking: ABC New Cites Internal FEMA Memo Reporting that 34 People Connected to White House Are Now Infected by Covid