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Oct 2020

October 5, 2020

October 6, 2020

Trump Returns To White House After 72 Hours At Walter Reed with Vainglorious Gesture of Removing Mask; His Concern Was Film of His Triumphant Return, Not The Lives and Health of the Staff; Medical Observers Appalled At Gratuitously Foolhardy Behavior, Clearly Dictated by Image Obsession; Is He Struggling to Breathe?

Dr. Vin Gupta Tells MSNBC Trump May Well Have COVID Pneumonia, Which Can Include Feeling Great but Then Requiring Intubation in As Little as an Hour; 

Trump’s Attending Physician Dr. Conley Cites HIPPA Privacy Rules to Hide Facts About Condition of Trump’s Lungs As Revealed by Chest X-Rays, MRIs, CT Scans, etc.;

Trump’s Treatment Is A Pharmacopeia Never Before Administered, Which Has Included Oxygen for Presumed Hypoxemia (Low Blood Oxygen) and Dexamethasone, A Powerful Steroid Typically Used to Prevent Lung Inflammation in Later Phases of Illness; But Dexamethasone Can Also Induce Manic and Euphoric Ideation, as In This Case; Trump Crows That He Feels Twenty Years Younger; Don Jr. Reportedly Sees Don as “Acting Crazy,” But Ivanka and Kushner Want to Encourage Trump to Be Trump; 

Dexamethasone Alone Should Dictate That Pence and the Cabinet Invoke the XXV Amendment to Relieve Don of His Duties as Commander in Chief; Pence Should Stay at the White House to Guarantee Continuity of Government; But GOP Enablers and Toadies Do Nothing; 

At Least 14 Cases Among White House Staff, Including Press Secretary and Two Deputies; Did Amy Coney Barrett and Her Husband Contract COVID in Late Summer, Before Her September 26 Debut; 

Biden Delivers Outstanding Speech in Florida; Appeals to Hispanics and Haitians; Promises Nationwide Mask Mandate in All Federal Buildings and in Interstate Travel in Cars, Planes, Trains, Busses, and Ferries, Followed by White House Conference of Governors and Mayors;

Public Has a Right to Know Times of Trump’s First Positive Test, Last Negative Test, Lung Condition, and Viral Load, All Embargoed by His Spin Doctors; Somebody Tell Dr. Conley That Timelines Intrinsically Look Backward!