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Oct 2020

October 3, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

October 3, 2020

Regime’s Foolhardy Management of Pandemic Comes Home to Roost as United States Government is Crippled by Numerous Covid Cases; If Republicans Can’t Protect Their Leader, How Can They Protect Country?;

Despite His Reported Reluctance, Trump Hospitalized in Bethesda; His True Condition Not Clear; Pence Must Stop Campaigning and Stay Quarantined in White House to Ensure Orderly Succession and Continuity of Government; Pence May Soon Face Responsibilities Under XXV Amendment if Trump Is Incapacitated; Palpable Danger of Russian and/or Chinese Adventurism; Pelosi, Grassley, and Pompeo Must Also Shelter;

Trump Reportedly Needed Oxygen Friday Amid Reports of Cough, Fatigue, and Rapid Onset of Breathing Troubles; In Aside Caught by Cameras, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows Says Vital Signs Over Last 24 Hours Have Been “Very Concerning “; 48 Hours to Mid-Day Monday Seen as “Critical”; Adds That No Clear Path to Speedy Recovery Is Visible; Remdecevir and Regeneron Polyclonal Antibodies Administered; 

Moscow Mitch Halts Senate Floor Action for Two Weeks; Tillis, Lee, Johnson All Infected; But Graham May Attempt to Start Hearings Sooner Despite Two Sick Committee Members;

GOP Election Machine Disrupted As Stepien, McDaniel, and Possible Backups Conway and Others Get Sick with Christie Hospitalized; Trump, Hicks, Stepien, S. Miller, and Christie Were Closeted for Days of Intensive Debate Prep; Trump’s Fateful Sept. 26 White House Rally for Barrett in Defiance of Natural Law Emerges as Likely Super-Spreader Event;

Trump’s Attending Spin Doctor Dr. Sean Conley Plays Dodge Ball, Succumbing Quickly to ETTD Syndrome; Offers Happy Talk and Confusion about Onset of Contagion, but No Data and No Timeline; 

The Fearful Price of Building a Personality Cult around Heteronomy and Irrationality; Pandemic Is Not a Subjective Problem of Public Relations, but the Objective Reality of Life or Death;

Second Wave of Pandemic Inundates Europe as US Statistics Deteriorate; NFL Season Crumbling As Cases Multiply; Virus Has Only Begun to Fight and Is Impervious to Demagogy; Watch the Taiwan Straits and the NATO Border from Estonia to Poland!