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Oct 2020

September 30, 2020

October 1, 2020

Biden Tells Pro-Trump Fascist Gangs to “Cease and Desist,” Countering Don’s Call for Mobilization;

Trump’s Dictum of “Stand Back and Stand By” Points to Plan for Illegal Voter Suppression and Intimidation in Urban Polling Places on Election Day by Extremist Militias; Coup Scenario Includes Street Violence, Giving Trump a Pretext for Marshal Law to Stop Voting and Stop Counting; Or What About a New Version of Mussolini’s March on Rome?;

Biden Exposes Trump’s Desire to Destroy Health Care for Millions without Any Replacement; Biden Does Yeoman Service, Telling “Racist,” “Clown” to “Shut Up”; Biden Calls Don “Putin’s Puppy”; Undecided Voters in Frank Luntz Focus Group Respond to Trump with “Arrogant,” “Crackhead”;

After Trump’s Hooligan Extravaganza, Presidential Debate Commission Promises Reforms to “Ensure a More Orderly Discussion” in Remaining Debates This Year; Debate Commission and Moderator Fell Short Last Night; 


Challenger Jaime Harrison Pulls Even with Trump Lackey Lindsay Graham for South Carolina Senate seat; 

Senate Passes Continuing Resolution to Fund US Government Through December 11 At Current Levels, But Can Trump Pull Himself Together to Sign It Tonight?;

50,000 Airline Employees Could Face Layoffs Unless Congress Passes HEROES Act with $25 Billion in Aid to Cash-Strapped Carriers; Disney Prepares 28,000 Layoffs; Pelosi Still Negotiating with Mnuchin