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Sep 2020

September 29, 2020

September 30, 2020

New Revelations About Trump’s Lucrative Television Career; Biden and Harris Publish Their 2019 Tax Returns, Highlighting Trump’s Utter Failure to Come Clean with American People; Country Braces for New Parade of Trump’s Grievances and New Vilification; 

Hard-Hit Millennials Forced to Live with Their Parents Need a Real Economic Recovery Program to Resume Progress Through Life on Model of Other Generations: Example Is GI Bill of 1945 With Help for College, Home Ownership, and Starting a Business-This Time Financed by the Federal Reserve;

Gaping at Trump’s Likely Defeat, Reactionaries and Fascists Are Reduced to Hate-Filled Delirium About Their Yearning to “Own the Libs”; No Unity in the Pro-Trump Camp; 

Showtime’s Production of The Comey Rule Divides Into Two Phases: The First Could Be Titled “I Was a Prig for the FBI,” Wherein Comey (Jeff Daniels) Fails to Understand that His Concern Must be the US Constitution, National Security, and the Integrity of the 2016 Election, and Not the Public Image and Prestige of the FBI; He Was Warned by His Wife and Intelligent Subordinates Not to Issue His Infamous Pre-Election Letter About the Weiner Laptop, But He Stubbornly Pressed Forward;

In the Second Phase, “The Monster,” Trump Quickly Displays The Mentality of a Gambino Boss; Outstanding Acting by Brendan Gleeson, Who Succeeds Brilliantly in Stripping Away the Accumulated Veneer of Familiarity and Letting the Horrific Essence Shine Through, Without Resorting to Caricature;

Trump’s Four Ideologies: The Creed of His Father Fred, Cited for Racial Discrimination; Norman Vincent Peale’s Subjectivist Positive Thinking; Roy Cohn’s Experience with McCarthy and the Mob; Pro Wrestling’s Kayfabe Doctrine!