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Sep 2020

September 26, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

September 26, 2020

Trump Nominates Reactionary Bigot Amy Coney Barrett for Supreme Court; She Is Bitter Foe of Affordable Care Act, Adumbrating Genocide Against American People; GOP Hopes to Start Railroading of Nominee on October 12, in Time to Start Stripping 20 Million of Health Care in November; Welcome to Government by Cult; Trump Wants a Sectarian Ideologue to Validate His Looming Coup; 

Petition Against Trump by 489 National Security Leaders for Biden Includes Generals and Admirals from Many Service Branches, as Well as Top Civilian Officials from Wide Array of Factions, Improving Chances of Blocking Trump Coup Plots; Only Lincoln and FDR Have Faced Greater Crises Than 46; Active Duty US Flag Officers Must Reject Illegal Orders, and Stand and Fight for the Constitution, not Engage in Craven Gestures of Resignation;

Trump’s “America First” Executive Orders for Obamacare Replacement Are Cheap Pre-Election Trick; He Orders Azar to Succeed Where He Himself and Hill GOP Have Failed; His Endorsement of Protection for Pre-Existing Conditions Is a Pious Wish with Zero Legal Force; Wording Would Let Insurance Companies Sell Policies at Astronomical Prices and Call that Protection; No Concrete Action to Lower Prescription Drug Prices; Nothing on the Obligation to Issue Policies or Preserving Ten Essential Medical Benefits, Contraception, Yearly and Lifetime Spending Limits, Children on Parents’ Policies, and More; Don’t Be Duped So Late in the Day;

Beware Clerical Fascism, Where Religious Hierarchy Plays Key Role in Fascist Regime, as in Austria before 1938 and Later in Slovakia;

Breaking: Russian Military Reportedly Now in Belarus, Threatening Supply Line to Baltic States; US Air Force Bolsters Defense of Central Europe with Astral Knight Drill from Germany to NATO Front Line States; Benedict Donald Hews to Strict Appeasement Line;

Mass Mobilization as 500,000 Millennials Volunteer to Staff Polling Places, Replacing Older Poll Workers