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Sep 2020

September 24, 2020

September 25, 2020

Pelosi Proposes Compromise Pandemic Relief Bill with $2.4 Trillion; FBI Director Wray Tells Congress He Knows of No Large Scale Conspiracy for Vote Fraud; Time for Patriots of Good Will To Resign from Trump Regime and Tell the Voting Public about the Crimes They Have Witnessed, Says Rep. Schiff; Trump is Reeling from Numerous Defeats;

GOP Sources Tell Gellman of Their Plan for States to Thrown Out Popular Vote and Let Legislatures Pick the Electors Who Will Vote for President; But This Rapidly Becomes an Ex Post Facto Law which Illegally Impairs Implied Contract Obligations, Thus Violating the Constitution At Least Twice; How Much Will Supremes Swallow;

A Reported Afterthought (!) of Professor Brooks’ Transition Integrity Project is Non-Violent Mass Protest Using Color Revolution Methods; Instead, Mass Action Must be at the Center of Interregnum Strategy;

Once Again, a Century-Old Mirror for the Coming Interregnum: The Kapp Putsch of March 1920, Stopped by Biggest General Strike in German History that Defeated Clique of Reactionaries, Fascists, Militarists, and Monarchists – Including Ludendorff and the Young Adolf Hitler; Coup Regime Was Paralyzed by Shutdown of Gas, Water, Electricity, Telephone and Telegraph Service, Streetcars, Busses, Railroads, Press, All Factories and Food Deliveries; Passive Resistance by Most Ministries in Berlin – Including the Treasury, So Putschists Ran Out of Money, and Berlin Got Back to Legality in 100 Hours;

Breaking: 489 Leading Military Officers and Top Officials Urge Vote for Biden and Ouster of Trump; 27 Are of Four-Star Flag Rank; Bad News for Trump Coup Plans!