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Sep 2020

September 23, 2020

September 24, 2020

Growing Awareness that Failure of Democratic Governors and Mayors to Shut Down Violent Rioters Across Political Spectrum Has Become a Key Asset for Trump and GOP; Carter, Clinton, Obama, and Biden Need to Speak Out to End Tolerance for Violent Wreckers;

In Breonna Taylor Case, Kentucky Grand Jury Indicts One Policeman for Wanton Endangerment; Citing Her Boyfriend’s Gunshot that Wounded Cop, State AG Refuses to Press Charges Against Two Other Officers; Further Indictments and a Trial by Jury Would Provide More Clarity and Closure for Community; Armed Fascist Militias Face Off Against Black-Clad Anarchists in Louisville; Two Police Reported Shot;

In Washington DC, Permanent Gang of 60 Hooligan Anarchist Provocateurs Harasses Diners and Pedestrians in DuPont Circle Neighborhood as Police Look On; Gay Community and People of Color Assailed as “Racists” by Crazies; DC Mayor Muriel Bowser Ignores Community Demands to Protect Residents and Businesses; Portland, Oregon Remains a Time Bomb that Trump Backers Could Activate at Any Time;

Breaking: Trump Refuses to Commit to Peaceful Transfer of Power If He Loses Election, Demands Continuity of His Own Regime; Barton Gelmann of Atlantic Provides More Details of GOP’s Fascist Plan for Election Coup by Letting State Legislators Throw out Mail-In Ballots and Replace Them with Hand-Picked Electors Pledged to Trump!