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Sep 2020

September 21, 2020

September 22, 2020

“Health Care, Health Care, Health Care”; Obamacare/ACA Is At Stake in Battle Now Beginning over Replacement for Justice Ginsburg; GOP Villainy Takes Center Stage as Moscow Mitch Promises Confirmation Vote This Year; Trump Wants Confirmation Before November 3, But Mitch is Coy; He Tells His Members to Stay Ambiguous; In Supreme Court Case Starting November 10, Ten Essential Medical Benefits, Protection for Pre-Existing Conditions, Kids on Parents’ Policies, and Other Vital Features Needed in Pandemic Could All Be Destroyed; Defense of Social Security, Roe v Wade, Voting Rights, Dreamers, Labor Could Become Hopeless; Use Your Vote as Your Family’s Passport to Survival!

Mitch is Lightning Fast When It Comes to Installing Fascist Judges, But Glacial on Pandemic Relief: Still No Senate Action on HEROES Act; Pelosi Mocks “Moscow Mitch,” Forecasts Many Iterations of 2018 Blue Wave for Nihilist Republicans Who Rubber Stamp Trump’s Choice;

Murkowski and Collins Don’t Want to Vote Before November 3; Two More Republicans Needed to Enforce Delay; Dems Raise Record $160 Million to Fight Back; 25 States Are Already Voting;

Addressing Workers in Wisconsin, Biden Attacks Trump’s Plan to Destroy Social Security by 2023, His 30 Million Unemployed and Plan for An Additional Tax Cut of $800 Billion for the Rich; Biden Cites Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 Provision that US Government Should Promote Unions; In Direct Appeal to Trump Voters, Biden Promises to Fix Inequities of System;

Trump Announces New Attacks on Free Speech and the First Amendment for His Nightmare Second Term;

Inconvenient Questions: Why Did Ginsburg Not Retire around 2015 When Obama was still President and She Was Already Gravely Ill?; Why Did She Humanize the Reactionary Scalia with Scenes of Opera and Conviviality?

Breaking: US Deaths in Coronavirus Pandemic Pass 200,000