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Sep 2020

September 19, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

September 19, 2020

No More Fascist Judges!

After Tragic Loss of Eminent Jurist Ruth Bader Ginsburg of Supreme Court, Democrats Must Wage Determined Effort to Block Trump’s Inevitable Reactionary Nominee!

If Trump and McConnell Are Allowed to Prevail, High Court Will Rubber-Stamp Every Decree on the Way to Dictatorship!

Preconditions for Success Include Delaying Senate Vote Beyond Presidential Election, followed by Crushing, Humiliating, Landslide Defeat of Trump in November 3 -- Enough to Make Him Give Up in Despair on Attempted Coup d’État to Stay in White House;

Senate Control Is Already in Reach of Dems; If Astronaut Mark Kelly Defeats Trump Stooge Martha McSally for McCain’s Old Seat in Arizona as Expected on Nov. 3, He Could Be Seated in November; So with Total Mobilization and Some Luck, Dems Could Theoretically Win as Many as Ten Seats (Including Toss-Ups and Those Leaning R), Just a Few GOP Stragglers Short of Supermajority, While Expanding House Majority;

In the Meantime, Senate Democrats Must Activate Every Obstruction Tactic and Procedural Trick Ever Practiced: Force Roll Call Votes on Everything; No Unanimous Consent on Anything; All Bills and Amendments Must Be Read Aloud; Killer Amendments and Points of Order; No Minority Quorums in Committees;

Biden Is Right: The People Should Choose the Next President, and that President Should Choose Nominee to Occupy Ginsburg’s Seat, Submitting that Name to Senate for Advice and Consent; 

One Leading Contender May Be Amy Coney Barret of Seventh Circuit in Chicago, a Dogmatic Bigot; Any Trump Nominee Must Be Quickly Borked, Preferably Using Their Own Writings; But Start Oppo Research Now!