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Sep 2020

September 17, 2020

September 18, 2020

Another Setback for Trump Gang: Federal District Judge Stanley Bastian of Washington State Finds That Trump and DeJoy “Are Involved in a Politically Motivated Attack on the Efficiency of the Postal Service,” and Issues Nationwide Order Blocking Changes that Slow Mail Delivery; Bastian Sees “Substantial Possibility” That “Voters May Be Disenfranchised”; Judge Fears that Substantial “Harm has Already Taken Place”; Also -- Interfering with US Mail is Federal Crime, and DeJoy Has No Immunity;

At National Archives on Constitution Day, Benedict Donald Postures as Guardian of Eternal Verities of American History, but His Answer is “Patriotic Education” Under 1776 Commission Run by Dubious Plutocratic Ideologues; Incompetent 1619 Project of New York Times Makes an Easy Target for GOP Due to Its Highly Distorted Claims; 

Former Top Pence Public Health Aide Olivia Troye Endorses Biden, Reveals that Pandemic Policy was Manufactured To Meet Needs of Trump Demagogy, Not General Welfare of Americans; Quotes Trump as Saying that Coronavirus Might Be “Good Thing” Because it Exempted Him from Having to Shake Hands with “Disgusting People” – i.e., His Own Supporters!

Breaking: In Written Opinion, Judge Orders DeJoy’s Sabotage Orders Revoked; Election Mail Must Be Delivered On Time; No More Decommissioning of Sorting Machines and Other Equipment; No Cuts in Deliveries or Service Hours; If Bottlenecks Persist, Dismantled Equipment Must Be Reassembled or Replaced Under Supervision of Federal Court!