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Sep 2020

September 16, 2020

September 17, 2020

Fearing Election Defeat, Trump Caves on Pandemic Relief Bill, Urging Republicans to Go for “Much Higher Numbers,” Thought to Mean At Least $1.5 Trillion; Moscow Mitch Has Offered $500 Billion Emaciated Bill, Now Defeated in Senate; Pelosi and Schumer Are Encouraged, Insist on $2 Trillion Minimum; Will 25 GOP Austerity Fanatics Left Over from Tea Party in Senate Clash with Trump Over Spending?

British Foreign Secretary Raab Comes to Washington in Search of Backing for London’s Attempt to Repudiate Parts of Legally Binding Deal They Signed with European Union; Illegal Action Could Bring Back Hard Border Between Ireland and Northern Ireland (UK) , Complete with Document Checks, Customs, and Long Waits; Such a Border Would Violate 1999 Good Friday Peace Accords, which Convinced the IRA to Stop Fighting; Reps. Pelosi, Neal, and Keating Warn London that Wrecking Good Friday Agreement Means US Congress Will Never Pass a Trade Deal with UK, Seen by UK Premier BoJo as Great Prize of Brexit;

Barr Raves On About Iniquity of Mail-In Ballots, Setting Stage for Coup d’État; His Moral Degeneracy is Astounding; Impeach Barr During Lame Duck Session!

Trump Shocked by Grilling in ABC Philadelphia Town Hall; From White House Downplaying of Pandemic to Need for Masks, Average Voters are Smarter and More Aggressive than Craven White House Press Corps; Trump Appears to Choose Murderous “Herd Immunity” as Public Health Strategy; Trump Lies Again that GOP Replacement for Obamacare and Pre-Existing Conditions Protection Is Coming Soon!