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Sep 2020

September 15, 2020

September 16, 2020

Trump’s Assistant Secretary of HHS and Department Spokesman Caputo Raves That Leftist Militias Are Preparing Insurrection Across US; Claims Seditious “Resistance Unit” at Centers for Disease Control Determined to Sabotage Trump; Forecasts that Shooting Will Begin When Trump Refuses to Leave Office on January 20, and Recommends Purchasing Guns and Ammunition Before Then; Noting that His “Mental Health Has Definitely Failed,” He Complained that the Shadows on His Apartment Ceiling Are “So Long”; He Then Exits to Take Medical Leave; Caputo Was Already Accused of Doctoring Pandemic Statistics Published by CDC in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report;

Roger Stone Calls on Trump to Declare Martial Law to Seize Power Before Election, Sending Feds to Seize Mail-In Ballots and other Votes He Considers “Corrupt”; Suggests Arrest of Zuckerberg, Cook, the Clintons, and Possible Shutdown of Daily Beast; Mattis Seen Guilty of Sedition;

Barr’s Justice Department Issues Subpoena to Publishers of Bolton’s Recent Exposé of Inner Workings of Trump Administration; Threat to First Amendment Has Never Been More Acute;

Are Violent Provocateurs, Killers, and Arsonists Marching to the Tune of Foreign Drummers Hostile to US and Sympathetic to Trump? With the Incompetent Ratcliffe as Director of National Intelligence Cutting Off Briefings to Congress, US Intel is in Danger of Being Blinded;

Trump Postures as World Statesman at White House Ceremony Marking Routine Normal Relations Among Gulf Emirates UAE, Bahrein, and Israelis; Palestinians and Two-State Solution Are Absent; Two US Sources Tell Politico That Iran May Be Preparing To Assassinate the US Ambassador to South Africa; Is This The Debut of Wag the Dog as October Surprise?

Chinese Communists Refuse to Sell TikTok to Microsoft, So Oracle Presses Partnership; Any Outcome that Leaves TikTok as Beijing Property Will Be Capitulation by Trump!