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Sep 2020

September 14, 2020

September 15, 2020

Biden Demands $2 Trillion of Infrastructure and Job Creation in Electrification As Key Elements of Energy and Climate Policy in Contrast to Trump’s “Broken Promises” and Obscurantism;

Dem Calls for All-Electric Federal Motor Pool Enabled by 500,000 New Charging Stations, Requiring 1 Million New Hires; 1.5 Million Energy Efficient New Homes and 4 Million Existing Structures Retrofitted by Another 1 Million Workers; 250,000 Instant Jobs In Cleaning Up Abandoned Oil and Gas Wells; Civilian Climate Corps for Forestry on Model of FDR’s Civilian Conservation Corps, Which Planted Hundreds of Millions of Trees in the Shelterbelt; Financing Includes Rolling Back Much of GOP December 2017 Tax Scam; Federal Reserve Must also Contribute;

Trump, in California, Warns Against Dangers of Exploding Trees, But Typically Promises Forest Fires will End When Temperatures Fall; Governor Newsom Attempts Compromise on Forest Management, But Almost Half of Land in California is Controlled by Feds, and is thus Trump’s Responsibility;

DHS Whistleblower Reveals Numerous Forced Hysterectomies among Immigrant Women Held at Georgia ICE Facility; Policy of Coerced Sterilization Amounts to Nuremburg Crime;

Trump and Boy Wonder Kushner Hype Normalization of Israeli Relations with United Arab Emirates and Bahrein as Harbinger of Golden Age of Peace; But These Steps Mean Little without Concurrence of Saudi Arabia, Which Is Anything But Guaranteed;

Breaking: Trump Hack Michael Caputo Reportedly Rewrites Official Releases from Centers for Disease Control According to Propaganda Needs of Don’s Election Campaign