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Sep 2020

September 12, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

September 12, 2020

Moscow Mitch’s Senate Republicans, Returning to Their True Identities as Austerity Ghouls, Refuse to Provide Serious Relief Funding for American People Stricken by Pandemic; GOP’s Starveling Bill is Defeated 52-47, Likely Meaning No Aid Before Presidential Election;

Trump May Now Attempt to Play Chaos Card Once Again by Blocking Continuing Resolutions and Shutting Down Federal Government as Fiscal Year Ends on September 30;

Race May Not Be Tightening After All, as Biden Expands Lead Over Trump by 0.5% and Don’s Demagogical Ploys Fall Flat; Trump TV Largely Silent to Save Scarce Cash for Final Weeks;

To Make Serious Inroads into Trump’s Rural and Blue Collar Support, Biden Needs a Full-Fledged Listening Tour from Buffalo to Minneapolis, Stressing New Deal Type Economic Demands and Trump’s Failure to Deliver;

Almost Two Decades After 9/11, Time to Recognize That These Horrors Have Been Overtaken by Far Greater Tragedy; If You Came into Political Activism During 9/11 Era and Have Kept That Mental Map, Change is Necessary to Face Challenges of Today and Defeat Trump;

Deputy of Barr’s Hit Man John Durham Resigns, evidently to Protest Trump’s Demand for Pre-Election Political Frame-up of Russiagate Investigators

Beware of Voter Suppression Offensive Being Planned by GOP, Tea Party, and Religious Fanatics to Interfere in November Vote by Harassing and Intimidating Voters;

Breaking: Trump Boasts at Rally in Michigan that He Has Brought Many Auto Plants Back to State, But Reality is the Announcement (Not Completion) of Just One Jeep (i.e. FIAT Chrysler) Plant in Detroit;

Trump Promised to Save Coal, But New Study Shows US Coal Production Down by 31% Since Pre-Trump Year of 2016; Since Trump’s Inauguration, about 60 Coal-Fired Electric Power Plants Have Closed; No Increase in Coal Mining Jobs; Does This Sound Like Promises Made and Promises Kept?