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Sep 2020

September 10, 2020

September 11, 2020

Corporate Media Offer Meager Coverage of Biden’s Landmark Speech on Offshoring US Jobs, Made in America, and the Role of Labor Unions; To Reach Audience of Working People, Biden Should Launch Listening Tour on Economic and Other Issues, Going from Union Hall to Union Hall Across Midwest Rust Belt, and Listening to Concerns of Real People; The Issues Raised Could Then Be Used to Challenge Trump in Presidential Debates; Listening Tour Tactic Was Used Successfully By Hillary Clinton in Upstate New York to Win Senate Seat in 1999-2000;

Humiliation, Resentment, and “Rank in Society” Play Important Role in Psychology of Trump Backers, But These Factors Find Fertile Terrain in 50% to 60% Decline in US Standard of Living Since Nixon Presidency; Globalization Has Contributed Decisively to Immiseration; Time to Lay Out Full Economic Recovery Plan, Including New WPA to Create 40 Million New Jobs With Cash from Federal Reserve– A Vital Terrain Where Trump Cannot Follow;

Democratic Platform Endorses Davis-Bacon Act Labor Standards for Infrastructure and Other Projects that Get Federal Funding; This Law Guarantees Union Pay Scales For Federal Contracts Even in Union-Busting “Right to Work” States;

Breaking: US Treasury Sanctions Andrei Derkach of Ukraine, Source of Anti-Biden Dirt for Rudi Giuliani and Various Republican Senators; GRU Operatives of Russian Fancy Bear Military Intelligence Are Reportedly Attacking Biden Campaign Accounts and Personnel