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Sep 2020

September 9, 2020

September 10, 2020

Biden’s Michigan Speech Can Be Historical Turning Point as Most Pro-Labor Talk by a Presidential Candidate in Recent Memory;

He Slams Trump’s Failure to Deliver on Election Promises to Working People, Inflicting Instead 4.7 Million Jobs Losses, Recession Since Late 2019, and 500,000 Fewer Jobs Created Yearly than Under Obama; Rate of Offshoring of Federal Contracts Has Doubled, with Merchandise Trade Deficit at All-Time High;

Biden Demands 10% Tax Penalty for Sending US Jobs Overseas, and No More Tax Deductions for Expenses of Moving a Runaway Shop; Made In America Tax Credit of 10% for Domestic Production, Including Revival and Retooling of Existing Plants; Approach Recalls JFK’s Highly Successful Investment Tax Credit;

Warren, Michigan, Where Biden Spoke, is County Seat of Macomb County, and Has Long Been the Classic Test Bed of the Reagan Democrats, the Stratum of Blue Collar White Workers Whose Alienation from Democrats Has Wrought Untold Damage on US; Warren Hit Hard by Recent Closure of GM Transmission Plant on Trump’s Watch; Today’s Speech is Step Away from Identity Group Formula, and Towards a New Democratic Majority Advancing Mass Traction Economic Demands;

At High Point of US Unions in 1940s, One Third of Private Sector Was Unionized; Today, After Thirty Years of Globalization, Only 7% of These Jobs Are Unionized; Biden Stresses that Future Production Will Be Done by US Workers of UAW, IBEW, and Other Unions!