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Sep 2020

September 8, 2020

September 9, 2020

With Senate Back in Town, Moscow Mitch McConnell Is Set to Propose an Even More Emaciated Pandemic Relief Bill in Cynical Ploy to Embarrass Democrats and Help Some of His Endangered Senators; Paralysis of GOP Reflects Incurable Chaos of Trump Gang; Ouster of Trump Is Inseparable from Extinction of Republican Party;

With No Relief Funding in Sight, and Waves of Evictions, Foreclosures, and Bankruptcies Imminent, the Trump-Powell Bubble May Be Starting to Deflate; NASDAQ Already Down 10% From Highs Reached Three Days Ago;

Business Genius Trump Has Presided over Squandering by His Campaign of $800 Million of His Initial $1 Billion War Chest with Little Gain in Polling; Officials Claim Extravagant Spending Was the Only Way to Limit Trump’s Loss of Popularity Amidst Pandemic and Economic Breakdown;

Biden Has Overtaken Rival Thanks to $360 Million in Contributions during August, an All-Time Record; Don’s Donors Paid for His Impeachment and Legal Costs, and for $11 Million in Super Bowl Ads to Match Bloomberg’s; Trump’s Own Television Ads Have Largely Gone Dark Over Recent Weeks; His Staffers Promise Big Crescendo; Has Trump Given Up on Michigan?

Trump Reeling as Backlash Against His Slander of US Armed Forces Spreads; But Is Trump Really a Peace Angel? Not If You Count His Genocidal Dirty War in Yemen, and Not If You Can Hear the Alarms of His War with Iran;

House Oversight Committee to Grill Postmaster General DeJoy on Reported Campaign Finance Violations!