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Sep 2020

September 5, 2020 -WCR

September 5, 2020

Biden Launches Stretch Drive with Intensive Week on Campaign Trail, Exposing Absurdity of Ad Hominem Attacks by Trump and Kremlin; Former Veep Emerges as Highly Effective Campaigner; 

Rioting, Looting, and Arson Are Lawlessness, Not Protesting, and Should Be Prosecuted, Was Message Monday in Pittsburgh, Refuting Trump’s Law and Order Lies; Wednesday Speech Showed How to Safely Re-Open Child Care, Schools, and Day Care With a Ceiling of 7% of Family Income; In Kenosha on Thursday, He Displayed Classic Presidential Dignity in Pursuit of Reconciliation; On Friday, Biden Slammed Trump’s K-Shaped Recovery, with Affluent Rising while Middle Class and Working People Fall; If Trump Tries to Enforce “Protecting the Vulnerable” aka Herd Immunity, Many More Families Will Lose Loved Ones;

Former Italian Premier Silvio Berlusconi Hospitalized with Covid – Possibly the Most Famous Victim So Far;

Trump Slanders of US Armed Forces as “Losers” and “Suckers” Confirmed by Several Media, Including AP and Fox News; Bush 41, McCain and POW-MIAs Also Derided by Benedict Donald; November 2018 Ceremony at US Military Cemetery at Aisne et Marne, France Was Attended by Numerous Allied Leaders, But Not Don, Who Nevertheless Found Time for Putin; Trump’s Documented Brutality in Case of LaDavid Johnson, Killed in Niger in 2017; Incidents Like These Should Make It More Difficult to Line Up Military Units for Don’s Coup d’État Plans; He Should Resign in Disgrace Right Now, and Take Moribund Republican Party with Him Into Oblivion; 

Russian Bots Join Trump Attacks on Biden’s Fitness and Mail-In Ballots; Meddling Comes in Midst of Putin Rampage Now Including Attack on Dissident Navalny Using Chemical Weapons; Still No US Reaction to Bounties Paid to Kill GIs in Afghanistan;

Best Wishes for Labor Day!