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Sep 2020

September 3, 2020

September 4, 2020

Biden Visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin Gives Voters an Example of Presidential Decorum after Years of Scurrilous Hooliganism; Biden’s Quest for National Harmony Contrasts with Destructive Divide and Conquer Demagogy Practiced by Trump;

Specter of “Herd Immunity” Grips Washington as New Obscurantists Gain Ascendancy in Trump’s Court of Miracles; Latest Panacea Involves Letting Covid Run Wild Through Society in Hopes that Survivors Will Acquire Antibodies and Some Degree of Immunity; First Problem is Terrifying Death Toll from Refusing to Contain Scope of Infections and Deaths; Second Problem Is That Any Antibodies and Immunity May Be Short-Lived, Leaving Society with No Net Gain After Extravagant Losses; Also, Cases of Short-Term Re-Infection Have Been Observed;

Strategy Appeals to Malthusian Ideologues; Boris Johnson’s Reactionary UK Government Embraced Herd Immunity in Early March When BoJo Announced: “More Families, Many More Families Are Going to Lose Loved Ones Before Their Time”; Herd Immunity Interlude Is Still Factor in Britain’s Oversized 42,000 Covid Death Toll, Compared to Just 9,340 in Germany; Policy Changed With March 17 Imperial College Study Forecasting Hecatomb of Victims if Herd Immunity Were Pursued;

Sweden Also Embraced Herd Immunity with Business As Usual and Rejected Effective Public Health Measures; Sweden’s Deaths Per Unit Population Are Worse Than US, and Far Worse Than Neighbors Norway, Denmark, and Finland; Trump’s Attempt to Reduce Testing Is Coherent with this Analysis;

Breaking: Niece Mary Trump Calls Don “Anti-American, Anti-Military Traitor” in Response to Reports of His Contempt for War Dead; Almost Two Decades after 9/11, World Geopolitics Have Flipped;

Best Wishes for Labor Day from the American System to Listeners and Friends; We’ll be Back Tuesday, September 8