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Sep 2020

September 2, 2020

September 3, 2020

Biden Press Conference Provides Humane and Practical Plan to Fight Virus, Fully Invoking the Defense Production Act, and Including Low-Cost Day Care and with Child Care and Costs Per Family Kept Below 7% of Income; Opening Schools and Businesses Presupposes Vanquishing Contagion; He Calls for US World Leadership, the Opposite of Trump’s America First of Appeasement;

Biden’s Polling Lead Over Trump Remains Stable After Both Conventions; Former PA Gov. Rendell Reports That Trump’s Race-Baiting Propaganda Fails to Gain Traction Among Suburban White Women; Violence vs “Law and Order” Is Only Remaining Staple for GOP Demagogy;

Rather Than Focus on the Phony Apocalypse of Q-Anon and Similar Adolescent Trash, Americans Would Do Well to Mobilize Against the Real Apocalypse of Dictatorship, Fascism, and Genocide, Which Could Start as Early as November 3; Don’t Look Now, But The One Trying to Peddle Untested Vaccine is Now Officially Trump; And Beware Dr. Scott Atlas, Advocate of “Herd Immunity” Chimera;

Gallery of Trump Spokespersons Resembles Casting Call for Sci-Fi Bond Villains; They Defend Trump’s Latest Tall Tale about Black-Clad Thugs on a Plane;


Trump’s October Surprise: Letter Sent to 50 States Ordering Preparations to Receive Non-Existent Covid Vaccine on November 1, Just Before Presidential Election; Harvard Medical Veteran Haseltine Calls Move “Very Unwise,” Says He Would Not Accept a Shot Resulting from Such an Irresponsible Rush Job; Adds That Leading Vaccine Candidates Must be Supercooled to -70˚or -20˚, Which Currently Is Not Practical; Notes That Authorities Lending Their Authority to Current Regime Ops Are Discrediting Themselves