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Sep 2020

September 1, 2020

September 2, 2020

September 1 Marks Start of Trump’s Plan to Destroy the Entire FDR-LBJ Social Safety Net; FICA Tax to Be Waived from Now to End of Year; Some Employers Want to Offer Their Employees the Chance to Opt Out and Keep Paying as Usual; They Should Note That Any Tax Not Paid in 2020 Will Have to be Paid in Full in Early 2021; Any Arrears Not Made Up by May 2021 Will Generate Fines and Penalties; These Problems Inherent in Trump’s Unconstitutional Insistence on Solo Executive Action, with No Approval by Congress; Smart Taxpayers Will Decline

It Gets Worse: Actuaries forecast that Trump’s Freeze on Social Security FICA Tax Would Lead to the Total Depletion of Social Security Trust Fund by Mid-2023, Triggering Devastating Benefit Cuts to Pensioners – a Decade Sooner than 2033, as Anticipated;

Is Trump Hoping to Appeal to Wall Street for Permanent Dictatorship Based on Trifecta of Destruction Including Social Security (2023), Medicare (Already Predicted for 2024), and Obamacare/ACA (Targeted by Texas-Led Lawsuit of State AGs)

Trump’s Latest Gambit of “Herd Immunity” Horrifies US Public, Will Become another Huge Negative for Regime In November Election

Biden Pittsburgh Speech Condemning Political Violence and Naming Trump as Top Fomenter Reverberates Across Political Spectrum; Will Dems Get the Message?

The Archetype of the President as Provocateur: Nixon, Having Failed to End the Vietnam ;War, Needed to Gin Up Demagogy for the 1970 Congressional Vote; His Solution was to Schedule a Speech in San Jose California and Then Proceed to Bait a Crown of 2,000 Antiwar Protesters; Were Outside Agitators Hired to Mimic an Attack on Nixon; Chief of Staff Haldeman’s Diary Admitted that Nixon Wanted the Attack; Stage Set for Defeat of Dem Candidate McGovern Two Years Later; The Lesson for Today’s Protesters: Don’t Accept Provocations and Don’t Go Violent!