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Aug 2020

August 27, 2020

August 28, 2020

GOP Convention Lurches Into Final Day with More and Bigger Lies and Positive Platitudes from Employees and Family Members; Blanket Flight From Reality into Magical Delirium; At Fort McHenry, Pence Gravely Intones That Voters Will Not Be Safe in Biden’s America, Evidently Overlooking That Today’s Threatened Existence is At Risk in the America of Trump-Pence; White House Officials Claim that Current Clashes Allow Don to Contrast Himself with Dems; Time to Apply Test of Cui Bono to Ongoing Political Violence; Trump Unlikely to Abandon His Signature “Crippled America” and “American Carnage” Motifs of Despair;

Reality-Based Community Fights Back: Biden Shows that Trump is Rooting for More Political Violence, Pouring Gasoline on the Fires of Conflict; Pandemic Is Out of Control with 185,000 Dead and 15 Million Unemployed, Highest Since Herbert Hoover Depression; Biden Condemns Violence From Any Quarter; Harris Takes Over Typical Vice-Presidential Chores of Countering Republican Falsifications;

US Intel Officials Have Warned that Russian Interference into US Vote is Aggressive and Ongoing; What Form is Their Meddling Taking Tonight?; Giuliani Lauds Trump’s Work Ethic in Raving Speech!

“Promises Made, Promises Broken”: Trump Has Not Delivered on His Bombastic Promises to Improve Real Wages; Here Too, His Performance Falls Short of Obama’s Record; Pandemic of Homelessness Made Worse by Housing Deficit of at Least 12 Million Units to Be Paid for by the Federal Reserve Over Next Few Years – Somebody Tell Sanctimonious Ben Carson!