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Aug 2020

August 26, 2020

August 27, 2020

The Full Weimar: Kenosha Police Fraternize With Pro-Trump Fascist Militias, Leaving Two Dead and Several Wounded in Attacks on Jacob Blake Protest; 

In DC, Ultra-Left White Sectarians and Anarchists Harass Friendly Outdoor Diners In Columbia Heights, Giving Trump a Helping Hand; Carville Notes That Harassers Are Not Democrats, Calls On Biden To Proclaim Hard Line Against Anarchist Violence, Arson, and Provocation;

TWSP Urges Obama, Clinton, and Carter To Demand End to Months of Protests; Relevant Points Have Been Made, So Need Now Is to Legislate Permanent Progress, Requiring Ouster of Moscow Mitch and His GOP Wrecker Gang; Time for Protesters to Channel Energies into Election-Year Activity, Flushing Out Anarchists;

Starting This Week, Dems Must Field Stewards and Marshalls to Keep Modern-Day Bakunins at a Distance; GOP Convention Overshadowed by Continuous Chaos;

Breaking: Baseball, Basketball and Football Teams Vote to Suspend Activity in Protest against Killing of Jacob Blake in Kenosha; Powerful Category 4 Hurricane Laura to Make Landfall near Port Arthur, Texas Tonight