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Aug 2020

August 24, 2020

August 25, 2020

New York State Attorney General Letitia James Sues Trump Organization and CEO Eric Trump; Goal of Civil Action is to Compel Eric to Testify Under Oath on Financial Dealings, which He Has Evaded; Eric Trump Still Scheduled as Major Speaker for Republican National Convention Tuesday Evening;

Regime’s Hand-Picked Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Defies House Oversight Committee, Claiming Under Oath That He Did Not Order Wrecking of Machines and Post Boxes, and That He Does Not Know Who Did; Wrecking Job Is Illegal Sabotage Designed to Interfere with US Mail; DeJoy Brazenly Refuses to Return Mail Service to Level Customary Before He Took Over; No Straight Answers on His Conflicts of Interest Involving Competitors and Customers of Postal Service; Key Documents Not Delivered; Service Has Deteriorated Markedly Since DeJoy Took Over Agency; Impeach DeJoy Now!

Trump is Now Official Republican Candidate; To Chagrin of His Handlers, His Acceptance Speech a Tissue of His Personal Grievances and Self-Pity; He Plans Week of Pop-Up Demagogic Harangues;

Trump Says Many Out Demonstrating Against Him Are “Fascists”; WaPo Tries to Measure “How Fascist is Trump?’; In Survey, Would-Be Strongman Garnered 47 of 76 Possible Benitos for .620 Batting Average, Making Him Easily the Greatest Threat to American Democracy Since Civil War;

No New GOP Platform This Year, But Trump Campaign Issues 50 Bullet Point, One Line “Core Priorities” Including 10 Million Jobs, 1 Million Small Businesses, and 1 Million Jobs Repatriated from China; But No Details and No Way to Pay; Sketchy Laundry List Looks Like Just Another Pro-Forma Infrastructure Week; Dems Must Counter with WPA-Style Serious Job Creation Plan!