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Aug 2020

August 22, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

August 22, 2020

Democratic Convention Moves Towards Recreation of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Coalition Capable of Ending Paranoid Nightmare of Trumpism; United Front Now Extends from AOC and Bernie Across Entire Democratic Party to Lincoln Project and Never Trump Republicans Kasich, Hagel, Whitman, and Cindy McCain; Trump’s Stock Slander About Biden’s Alleged Senility Utterly Annihilated as Dem Candidate Delivers Tour de Force, Confirming Maxim That Fighting Against Trump Brings Out the Best In Everyone – Including Biden Himself!; Bernie Shows Realism, but Will His Followers Get the Message?;

GOP Convention Shaping Up as Monstrous Orgy of Cynical Nihilism; Memo to Obamas: Call It Fascism!

Postmaster General DeJoy Refuses to Restore US Postal Service to Traditional Standard of Service Before He Started Junking 671 Sorting Machines; He Denies Collusion with Trump for His Sabotage and Vandalism; Democrats Must Impeach DeJoy This Week;

Attend Nationwide Demonstrations in Support of Postal Service and Mail-In Voting at 11am Local Time Saturday Morning; In Special Saturday Session, Pelosi Seeks $25 Billion for USPS, which Trump Threatens to Veto;

Bannon Arrest Exposes Pervasiveness of Regime Corruption; Insider Sam Nunberg Predicts More Indictments Soon; Second Circuit in New York Declines to Block Accountants from Giving Don’s Financial Records to Manhattan District Attorney Vance;

“Populism” Is Euphemism for Fascism; Twilight of the Phony Populist Dictators Signaled by Trump’s Sinking Polls, by Xi’s Factional Purge of Top Communist Party Cadre, and by Challenge to Putin by Opposition from St. Petersburg and Moscow All the Way to Khabarovsk on the Pacific; Comatose Navalny en Route to Treatment in Berlin;

Report by GOP-Led Senate Intelligence Committee Confirms Mueller Report and More; Criminal Referrals Issued Last Year for Kushner, Bannon, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Prince, and Sam Clovis!