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Aug 2020

August 19, 2020

August 20, 2020

Biden Officially Nominated As Democratic Presidential Candidate; Great Sense of Relief That Insidious Threats to Party Unity Have Been Avoided Since 2018 Thanks to Civic Maturity of Americans; Formidable Anti-Trump United Front Now Extends from Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie All the Way to Liberal Republicans Like Kasich and Cindy McCain; Trump Still Asserting He Will Call the Winner in November Election, Not Electoral College and Congress;

Biden Restates His Plan to Offer a Medicare Buy-In to Anyone Losing Health Insurance; As Insurance Companies Succumb to Financial Breakdown Crisis, Biden Plan Will Get Nation to Real Medicare for All Faster than Ultra-Left Bureaucratic Coercion;

EU Talks Sanctions Against Belarus over Recent Election, But It Is Putin, Not Brussels, Who Is Positioned to Pick Up Pieces if Lukashenko Falls;

“Scrape the Poison off the Bone”: Facing Growing Opposition inside Chinese Communist Party for His Manifold Failures, Tyrant Xi of China Unleashes Stalin-Mao Style Purge of Beijing’s Top Security Bosses; 21 Probes Started against