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Aug 2020

August 18, 2020

August 19, 2020

Trump’s Postmaster General DeJoy Forced Onto Defensive by Mass Outrage Against His Wanton Vandalism, Pledges to “Suspend” Asset-Stripping of US Postal Service; But National Interest Demands Full Restoration of USPS Capabilities and Additional Investments Now; Pelosi to Press for $25 Billion in New Funding in Special Saturday Session; 21 States Sue DeJoy and US Postal Service to Stop Wrecking and Defend Mail-In Voting; DeJoy Faces Grilling in Senate on Friday and House on Monday; Join Support Demonstrations for USPS This Coming Saturday at 11am In Front of Every Post Office in Nation!

Senate Intelligence Committee Final Report on Russiagate Confirms Grave Counterintelligence Posed by Manafort’s Contacts with Russian GRU Through Kilimnik; Prima Facie Case that Trump Lied in Written Answers to Mueller;

Democratic Convention Lays Basis for Winning Anti-Trump Coalition Ranging from Social Democrat Bernie Sanders to Liberal Republicans Kasich, Todd Whitman, and Molinari; Women, Blacks, Latinos, The South, Farmers Amply Represented; Sanders and Michelle Obama Deliver Best Speeches of Their Lives by Stressing Existential Imperative of Unity to Oust Trump; 

If Biden’s United Front Approach Can Be Implemented, US Civil Society May Attain Cooperation Against Fascist Threat in Way that Weimar Germany Could Not
Manage; Whether or Not US Institutions Withstand the Onslaught Depends on Each of Us; What Trump Touches Dies, but Fighting Trump Brings out the Best in His Opponents;

Citing Federal Elections Commission Statistics, NYT Reports that Many GOP Megadonors Who Backed Trump in 2016 and Republican House Candidates in 2018 Have Reduced or Altogether Ceased Their Contributions to Don This Year; Is Dwindling Financial Base a Harbinger of GOP Extinction?