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Aug 2020

August 12, 2020

August 13, 2020

Finally, Light at the End of the Tunnel of GOP Fascism as Democratic Ticket of Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris Debuts in Successful Joint Appearance 83 Days Out; Harris Calls for “Coalition of Conscience” Against Racism; Stresses that Trump is Not America, Promises to Wage War for Soul of Nation; Harris: With 165,000 Dead and 16 Million Jobless, Trump Still Keeps Bragging and Dodging Responsibility; Biden Hammers Trump for Targeting Social Security and Medicare as Part of Cynical Plan to Wipe Out What Is Left of US Social Safety Net; He Urges “Fair Shot” for Working People; 

“Trump Coddles Terrorists,” Harris Charges, Possibly Referencing Failure to Counter Putin’s Contract Bounties; She Slams Trump as “The Reason” for Pandemic Failures; Democrats Need More Than a Victory, They Need a “Mandate” to Build Back Better, She Adds;

Pro-Trump Forces Prove Incapable of Developing a Coherent Line of Counter-Attack, Assailing Harris on Contradictory and Divergent Pretexts; Consternation at Fox News, Where Judge Janine Makes Bizarre Forecast That Biden Will Not Be On Dem Ballot; Geraldo Sees “Formidable” Choice as Big Win For Dems; Reports Democratic Women Are “Elated”; Suggests Trump Not Insult Harris;

Trump Flailing, Dishes Up Throw-Away Lines about More Cuts in Capital Gains Tax and a Fantomatic Middle Class Tax Cut

Breaking: All 47 Democratic Senators Warn Postmaster General DeJoy to Stop Sabotaging Vote by Mail; House Democrats Should Immediately Impeach DeJoy!