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Aug 2020

August 11, 2020

August 12, 2020

Biden Names Sen. Kamala Harris of California as Democratic Party’s Vice-Presidential Candidate; After Months of Upheaval, World-Historical Imperative Was To Choose A Qualified and Vetted African-American Woman, and Biden Has Passed That Test; It Is High Time to Recognize Black Women, A Vital Constituency for Civilization Against GOP Fascism in US; Fair and Adequate Representation of Entire Population In a Democracy Is Not To Be Confused With Identity Group Fetishism; Trump’s Demagogic Attempts to Portray Democratic Ticket as Left-Wing Extremists Will Collapse of Their Own Absurdity; Rumors Fly That Plodding Bootlicker Pence May Be Ousted to Be Replaced by Nikki Haley;

Valid Democratic Party Tradition of Opening Doors for Previous Excluded Racial, Ethnic, and Religious Groups Continues, Suggesting Greater Flexibility and Viability of American System in World Contest with Moscow and Beijing; Harris’ Background as Daughter of Mother from India Adds Welcome Potential for Further Rapprochement with New Delhi; 

By Condemning Trump’s Payroll Tax Scam as Attempted Wrecking of Social Security and Medicare, Biden Has Opened What May Turn Out to Be Decisive Front of 2020 Election and Doom of GOP;

Putin Announces Russia’s Potemkin Vaccine, with Shots to Begin in October; His Attempt to Drum up Sympathy for His Daughter Point Again to Growing Political Weakness;

HHS Secretary Azar is Highest-Ranking US Envoy to Visit Taiwan Since 1979; Discussions Involved Best Practices for Fighting Covid; Discredited Beijing Despots, Smarting from Hong Kong Pro-Democracy Backlash, Send Warplanes into Taiwan Straits Once Again!