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Aug 2020

August 10, 2020

August 11, 2020

Trump’s Much-Touted Executive Orders Amount to Virtually Nothing; Constitution Requires Congress to Approve Expenditures, So Where Would Money Come From?; EOs Contain No Binding Ban on Evictions, But Only the Hypocritical Wish That Federal Agencies Will Consider How to Limit Them; Nothing About $1,200 Per Taxpayer Relief Payment;

Biden Slams Trump’s Freeze on Social Security Payroll Tax as Designed to “Undermine the Entire Financial Footing of Social Security”; Sees Executive Order as “Donald Trump’s First Shot in A New, Reckless War on Social Security”; White House Forced to Back Away From Clear Intent to Destroy Social Security and Medicare with Trump’s Promise of Permanent Abolition of Payroll Tax; Biden’s Statement Forces Cable Networks to Stop Hiding Fact that Attacking Payroll Tax Is Attack on Pensions and Health Care;

Trump’s Theme of the Week: How to Step on Biden’s Veep Choice and Convention Bounce: Get Ready for All Manner of Bizarre Diversions, and Don’t Believe the Lies Coming from the White House; As If on Cue, Vandals and Looters with No Political Demands Appear In Chicago and Georgetown; Shooting Incident Near White House; Anarchists Announce New Provocations in Capital;

In Belarus, Lukashenko Regime Declares Lopsided Victory in National Elections; Opposition Mounts Modest Protests Which Are Quickly Broken Up by OMON Riot Police; Opposition Would Need 100,000 Protesters in Minsk to Accomplish Anything; Putin Still Trying to Force Belarus to Join Russian Federation; Guide to Players: Lukashenko Is Not Attacking US Elections, But Putin Is