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Aug 2020

August 8, 2020 - World Crisis Radio

August 8, 2020

Trump Issues Four Executive Orders On Pandemic Relief, Featuring Meager $400 Per Week Supplement for the Unemployed; But He Wants Financially Strapped States to Pay 25%; State Benefits Start Running Out Soon Anyway; No Money Provided for States, Counties, and Cities; None for Mail-In Voting and Nothing to Bolster United States Postal Service; Moratorium on Evictions Extended; Student Loan Payments Suspended; No Payroll Tax for Incomes Under $100,000, Permanently if Trump Is Re-Elected – Meaning Destruction of Medicare of Social Security before 2026; Pre-Election Shucks and Sops Paraded Before Raucous Plutocrats to Camouflage Refusal to Pass $3.2 Trillion HEROES Act; Another Step Towards Dictatorship Using “Powers Nobody Knew the President Had”; Package Sure to Be Challenged in Court;

Cable Networks in Bad Faith: MSNBC Economic Pundits Fail to Explain that Cutting Social Security and Medicare Payroll Tax (FICA) Would Be Death Sentence for Pensions and Health Care for Those Over 65; Medicare Faces Reduced Payments by 2026; Trump Flies to Hamptons, Doubtless to Appeal for Wall Street Support as Slayer of New Deal-Great Society Social Safety Net;

Office of National Intelligence Concedes Russia is Again Attacking US Election to Help Trump; Report Wrongly Asserts that Beijing Regime Prefers Trump Defeat; In Reality, China Has Decided that Trump’s Commitment to Wrecking US Alliances Worldwide Would Be Decisive Advantage for Xi, Putting US Allies Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand at Risk;

A Reminder for Trump’s Hand-Picked Postmaster General DeJoy: The Great Postal Strike of 1970 Started in New York City on March 18, 1970 and Spread Coast to Coast to Mobilize 210,000 Postal Workers, Blocking Most Mail Deliveries; Demands Included Increased Wages and Improved Working Conditions; Urged on by Vince Sombrotto and the Doughty Moe Biller, this was Largest Wildcat Strike in American History; Nixon Ordered Workers Back on Job, But Was Defied When Another 671 Postal Locations Went On Strike; He Then Declared State of Emergency and Ordered 25,000 National Guard Troops to Deliver Mail, But They Proved Unable; Bolstered by Broad Public Support for Walkout, Workers Across US Government Threatened Wildcat General Strike if Nixon Attempted Repression Against Postal Employees; Nixon Backed Down, with Workers Winning Collective Bargaining and Improvements, Including 14% Pay Hike By End of Year; Congress Passed Postal Reorganization Act; Workers Went from “Groveling in the Dust” to “Standing Ten Feet Tall”;

World Watches for Putin Surprise as Byelarus Goes to Polls; Will Kremlin Attempt to Topple Lukashenko and Re-Absorb Neighbor to Reverse Putin’s Loss of Popularity as Khabarovsk Anti-Moscow Protests Continue