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Aug 2020

August 5, 2020

August 6, 2020

Big Tech Monopolists Testify Before Congress, Reminding Public That Anti-Trust Laws Still Exist in US; Much Neglected, But Still on the Books are Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890, Which Bans Price-Fixing and Cartels while Prohibiting Abuse of Monopoly Power, and Outlawing Conspiracies in Restraint of Trade; Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 Prevents Mergers and Acquisitions that Would Reduce Competition; Criminal and Civil Penalties Are Provided; Federal Trade Commission Targeting Unfair Practices Also Dates from 1914; This Was Basis of Breaking Up Standard Oil Into 34 Pieces in 1911, and Later Busting Bell Telephone in Seven Baby Bells in 1982; Enforcing these Anti-Monopoly Provisions Would Go Far Towards Limiting the Harmful Activities of Tech Giants; 

When Private Companies Refused to Develop the Tennessee River, Franklin D. Roosevelt Created Tennessee Valley Authority as Corporation Owned by US Government for Hydroelectric Power, Navigation, Flood Control, and Anti-Malaria Projects; US Should Make Some Internet Services a Public Utility, Not the Preserve of Monopolists; 

With Trump Planning to Frustrate the Will of the Majority, Useful Ideas Are Coming from 67 Former Government Officials and Academics Taking Part in Transition Integrity Project, which Gamed Key Issues Likely to Emerge During November-January;

Defeat of Monarchist-Reactionary Kapp-Lüttwitz Putsch of March 1920 by Largest German General Strike Up to that Time as Recent Mirror and Repertoire of Ideas for Coming Hot Autumn in US; Coup Plotters Fled After Working People Virtually Shut Down Utilities, Railroads, and More Across Entire Country;

Is Kanye West Candidacy a Vehicle for Dirty Tricks by Pro-Trump Forces against Biden?; Trump Machine Helping Him to Get on Wisconsin Ballot;

Breaking: Manhattan District Attorney’s Criminal Probe Focusing on Trump’s Dealings with His Primary Lender Deutsche Bank, which has already Complied with Subpoena for Financial Records; New York Attorney General Letitia James to Deliver “Major National Announcement” on Thursday