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Aug 2020

August 4, 2020

August 5, 2020

Sudden Escalation in World Tensions: In Twilight of Trump, His Foreign Patrons Like Putin May Be Switching from Propping Him Up to Simply Using Him to Inflict Chaos on US and World; Sponsors Figure His Regime May Soon Be Ending, So It Is Time to Cash Out;

Colossal Explosions Destroy Much of Port of Beirut, Lebanon; 75 Reported Killed and 3,700 Injured; Blast Seen and Felt in Cyprus, 120 Miles Away; Government Implicates Chemical Fertilizer or Captured Explosives; Authors of Atrocity Unclear;

NSC Director O’Brien Tells All Nations to Stay Out of Libyan Civil War; Too Late: Russia, France, and UAE Back Khalifa Hifter’s Eastern Regime Based in Benghazi and Tobruk, Cyrenaica; But Hifter’s Attempt to Seize Capital of Tripoli Has Failed Amid a Series of Defeats; 2,000 Russian-Controlled Mercenaries with a Dozen Jets Seize Large Es Sider Oil Field; 

United Nations-Backed Government of National Accord in Tripoli Is Supported by Turkey, Italy, and Qatar; US Pays Lip Service but Is Out to Lunch Under Trump; French Warship in Tense Standoff with Turkish Ships Challenging Arms Embargo; Merkel Sending German Frigate as Requested by Macron;

Trump Orders US Africom to Leave Stuttgart, Germany, with No Clear Destination: Pure Insanity!

Lukashenko of Belarus Says Kremlin is Lying About Mission of 33 Wagner Paramilitaries He Captured: Moscow Accused of Trying for Cyber-Enhanced Color Revolution; Early Voting Has Begun;

Breaking: China Accused of Including Secret Protocol in Loan Contract with Nigeria Calling for Surrender of Sovereignty by Abuja in Case of Default; Belt and Road Exposed Again as Worst Debt Trap Imperialism;