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Aug 2020

August 3, 2020

August 4, 2020

Trump and GOP Still Blocking Extension of $600 Extra Benefit for 25 Million Unemployed; Half of Their Senators Want to Torpedo Any Further Relief Legislation, Meaning No New Money for States, Food Stamps, and Voting; Congress Leaves for One-Month Recess on August 7;

Is Kremlin Preparing an August Surprise?: Lukashenko Regime of Belarus Says It Has Arrested 33 Russian Mercenaries Thought to Be from Wagner Group, Crypto-Governmental Organization Controlled by Putin’s Chef Yevgeny Progozhin, The Man Indicted by US of Carrying Parts of 2016 Election Meddling; Belarus Says Mercenaries Were There to Interfere with August 9 Presidential Election; Lukashenko’s Ability to Win Election Not Clear; Scenario Similar to Winter 2014 Maidan Agitation Against Yanukovych Regime, which Triggered World Strategic Crisis; 

Putin Weakened After Fourth Week of Anti-Kremlin Demonstrations in Far Eastern City of Khabarovsk, Making Foreign Adventures Plausible; This Is Moscow’s Last Chance to Make Use of Their Puppet in White House;

Manhattan DA Vance Tells Federal Judge He Wants Years of Trump’s Tax Return, Going Beyond Illegal Hush Money for Stormy and Playmate to Include “Extensive and Protracted Criminal Conduct”;

GOP Would Exempt Wealthy Interests from Liability for Pandemic Deaths and Offer Fatcats Deductibility Business Meals: Thanks to “Populists,” The Three-Martini Lunch Rides Again;

Depression Ahead: If Trump Really Intends to Block Extra Support for Jobless While Doing Nothing to Keep People in Homes and Wrecking US Postal Service, Severe Internal Collapse of US Can Result; US Dollar Has Fallen 10% Since Top Reached in March; 

Breaking: Day of Resistance Pushes Back Against Trump’s Back to School Decree