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Jul 2020

July 30, 2020

July 31, 2020

Trump Proposes Delay of November 3 Presidential Election, Eliciting Wave of Revulsion Across Political Spectrum; No President Has This Power; Even Parts of Trump Machine Rebel: Steven Calabresi, Founder of Federalist Society, Calls Trump Tweet “Fascistic” and “Grounds for President’s Immediate Impeachment Again and Removal from Office by the Senate”; Indeed: Anybody Supporting Trump’s Illegal, Unconstitutional, and Unprecedented Attack on Voting is Not Conservative, But Fascist; Unlikely Outcome: Calabresi Thus Outflanks Chomsky on the Left in Taxonomy of Trump Fascism;

As Lincoln Said After Winning the November 1864 Election: “…This Election Was a Necessity. We Cannot Have Free Government without Elections; If the Rebellion Could Force Us to Forego or Postpone a National Election It Might Fairly Claim To Have Already Conquered and Ruined Us”;

US GDP Collapses by 33% under Year Ago, While First-Time Jobless Claims Rise to 1.434 Million; Trump Has Delivered Worst US Economic Performance in All of History; His Hopes for Pre-November Upswing Largely Dashed;

At Lewis Funeral in Atlanta, Obama Issues Stirring Call for Voting Rights, Starting with Defense of US Postal Service Against Trump-DeJoy Sabotage to Permit Voting by Mail in Pandemic; Time to Enact John Lewis Voting Rights Act to Replace Gutted 1965 Voting Rights Act; In Addition, US Needs Automatic Registration, More Polling Places, Extended Early Voting, Election Day as Federal Holiday, End of Gerrymandering, End of the Jim Crow Filibuster, and Full Voting Rights for Puerto Rico and District of Columbia;

Machiavelli: Partisan Conflict Channeled Into Government Did Not Weaken Rome, but Made Her Great;

Breaking: Moscow Mitch Sends Senate Home Again Without Securing $600 Weekly Jobless Supplement or Safeguards against Eviction and Foreclosure!