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Jul 2020

July 29, 2020

July 30, 2020

In France, Construction Finally Begins on $23 Billion ITER Fusion Reactor, Which Aims at Harnessing the Power of the Sun, Opening Limitless Potential for Cheap and Abundant Energy, with Zero Carbon Footprint in Everyday Operations; France’s President Macron Hails International Project of 35 Nations as Key to Future World Peace; US Under Trump Participates, But As Also-Ran, Not as Leader; International Media Like Deutsche Welle and BBC Cover Event, but US Networks Fail to Join In;

Great US National Asset for Fusion Power is Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory; PPPL Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor Hit Peak Power of 10.7 Million Watts and World Record 510 Million Degrees in 1994; Major National Effort Needed to Make Up for Time Lost to Budget Austerity;

On Energy Policy, Biden Must Beware Faction of Rent Seekers in Democratic Party Who Insist on Expensive and Polluting Windmills and Solar Cells and Vilify Nuclear Fission Energy; US Must Assert Leadership In Modern Nuclear Technology, Or Else Face Russian and Chinese World Domination Based on Nuclear Pre-Eminence;

Feckless Oregon Governor Brown and Sinister DHS Secretary Wolf Attempt De-Escalation of Portland Court House Standoff; Oregon State Police to Protect Federal Buildings; Growing Awareness Among Dems that Violent Anarchists Posing as Leftists Are Precious Assets for Trump; Portland Oregonian Calls on Protesters to Move Elsewhere in Portland, Removing Trump’s Pretext; 

As NSC Director, Susan Rice Failed Test of Russian Interference in Summer 2016, Blocking Staff Members Who Wanted to Give Obama Options for Effective Retaliation in Cyber, Information, and Finance Realms to Stop GRU Attacks; She Thus Exacerbated Obama’s Passivity and Conflict-Averse Approach, Leading to US Indecision and Impotence;

Breaking: Alarm Over Trump’s Stealth Attack on US Postal Service; His Hand-Picked Postmaster General and Saboteur DeJoy Wants to Orchestrate Crisis of USPS, Cutting Hours, Delaying Deliveries, and Shutting down Post Offices as Prelude to Catastrophic Privatization; Voting by Mail is Threatened!