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Jul 2020

July 28, 2020

July 29, 2020

Obama, Clinton, and Carter Should Issue Call to Protest Movement Saluting Achievements, Condemning Violent Infiltrators, and Urging Transition to Getting Real Police and Social Reform by Regime Change at Ballot Box;

Urgent to Deprive Trump and Republicans of Specious Law and Order Demagogy; Vast Energies of the Black Lives Matter Reform Movement Should Now Be Channeled Into Winning November Elections, Ousting Trump, and Flipping the Senate; 

Two Former US Attorneys from Michigan and Alabama Confirm That Moving the Anarchists Away from the Portland Federal Court Would Remove Any Legal Rationale for Trump’s Deployment; 

Seattle Times Reports White Anarchist Provocateurs Intimidate Black Community Activists Who Reject Demands for Arson; 

Rep. Clyburn Reports that His Last Conversation with Rep. Lewis Centered on How Civil Rights Movement of 1960s Was “Hijacked” and “Derailed” by Ultra-Left “Burn Baby Burn” Demagogues;

Senate Must Finally Pass Pelosi’s HEROES Act to Deliver Pandemic Relief;

Breaking: Minneapolis Star-Tribune Reports “Umbrella Man” Who Broke Store Windows to Trigger Looting is Suspected Aryan Cowboy Out to Stoke Violence and Discredit Demonstrators; AG Ellison Says 7 Agents Provocateurs Identified: Is Barr Directing COINTELPRO against Resistance?