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Jul 2020

July 27, 2020

July 28, 2020

China’s Multi-Decade Free Ride of Appeasement is Ending: Japan, Australia, India, and US Join In Naval Drills Across South China Sea and Indian Ocean; Reports Say India Has Re-Targeted Part of Nuclear Arsenal against Beijing Aggressors; US Bureaucracy Launches Multiple Crackdowns on Espionage Agents of People’s Liberation Army; Showing Scant Concern for 3 Million Uighurs in Concentration Camps, New York Times Thinks Only “Hawks” Object to Crimes of Chinese Communist Party; Trump Out to Lunch With Braxton Bragg;

Moscow Mitch Wants to Cut Weekly Emergency Jobless Benefit For From $600 to $200, Followed by Reduction to 70% of Income; A Mere $100 Billion to Protect Nation’s Schools Against Pandemic; Ceiling of $1 Trillion Makes Entire Package a Cruel Hoax; Schumer Slams Proposal as Half-Hearted, Half Baked, Too Little and Too Late; No Hint of Hill Action to Block More Evictions, Foreclosures, and Utilities Cutoffs; Half of GOP Senators Said to Oppose Any New Relief Bill; 

Suspicion Grows About What Forces Are Deploying Violent Anarchist Provocateurs in Ways So Helpful to Trump Campaign; Some See False Flag Contingents Operating in Gang/Countergang Mode; More Senseless Riots in Portland and Seattle; County Courthouse Torched In Oakland; Rioters Urged to Wear MAGA Hats and Trump Buttons, Since That Is Who They Are Helping;

Honest Demonstrators Have Made Their Point and Should Re-Orient towards Defeating Trump at Polls, Since Without His Ouster Absolutely No Progress Can Be Realized